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Alright! I’m Paul and I write Sickboy Runs, a blog about Crohn’s Disease, running, exercise and fitness. With the intention that it encourages, educates and inspires the reader to start their own journey. Always in a way that seeks to be actionable and accessible.

I was diagnosed in 2010 with Crohn’s disease following months of suffering from horrendous abdominal pain and sickness, which at times was so bad I was unable to move.

Crohn’s disease is a serious lifelong condition where currently no cure exists. This is a life changing disease and can cause an incredible amount of distress and suffering. Right now in the UK, more than 300,000 people have Crohn’s disease. This is growing rapidly as one person is diagnosed every 30 minutes.

Living with Crohn’s Disease is never easy, you have good days, bad days, manageable days and downright horrific days. It forces you to address and change every aspect of your life. At times leaving you feeling helpless.

Once I discovered running it gave me a drive and a new focus in life. A way of helping me deal with all the overwhelming drama Crohn’s Disease inevitably throws up. When I’m running I feel good and all that matters is the miles.

Having Crohn’s is such a puzzling thing to understand for many people, we all suffer a lot of the same symptoms, but due to the nature of the disease, we all have our own individual pains to deal with too. Let’s deal with them together as one big supportive community.

Even if you don’t have Crohn’s Disease or IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, not to be confused with the much less serious IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)) I hope this site can be a wealth of information to you.

Finding out and understanding more about these types of diseases. How they massively impact the day to day lives of sufferers. The daily struggle and fight.

Also if you’re new to running and want to find out the pitfalls and the tips and advice from one man’s journey to run the 2017 Great North Run and beyond then read on!

What You Should Know About Me

  • I am a bit of a nerd, so will always try to cram a Star Wars or some other suitably geeky pop culture reference into my posts. It’s just who I am, sorry (not sorry).
  • I am writing to you from the North East coast in the UK, as I look out the window now it’s stereotypically gloomy, and yes it is summer here! We do get the sunshine sometimes though!
  • I’m also a huge tea fan, I just love a brew. I own lots of mugs for tea, all of which are, as you would expect after my first statement, fixed firmly in pop culture (i.e. nerdy).

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Let’s get this started, I’d love to hear about your story so please comment below and share your journey with me.


(Please remember as you read this blog that all views expressed are my own and you should always consult your doctor or specialist before making any personal changes to your mental or physical health)

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