Welcome to SickboyRuns!

Welcome to SickboyRuns! A blog about Crohn’s disease, running, fitness and life. And importantly, running with Crohn’s Disease.

Crohn’s disease is a  serious lifelong condition where currently no cure exists. This is a life changing disease and can cause an incredible amount of distress and suffering. Right now in the UK, more than 300,000 people have Crohn’s disease and this is growing rapidly as one person is diagnosed every 30 minutes.

What can SickboyRuns do for me?

I aim to educate, encourage and inspire you on your own journey, whilst sharing mine with you. Always in a way that is actionable and accessible.

I’m sure we can all learn something along the way.

Let’s create a great supportive community.

Running with Crohn’s Disease

Living with Crohn’s Disease is never easy, you have good days, bad days, manageable days and downright horrific days. It forces you to address and change every aspect of your life. At times leaving you feeling helpless.

Once I discovered running it gave me a drive and a new focus in life. A way of helping me deal with all the overwhelming drama Crohn’s Disease inevitably throws up.

I’d love to share this with you on this blog, and all the tips and advice I’ve picked up along the way.

And remember

“We are all stronger than this disease, stay strong, don’t be beaten, and above all know where the toilet is!”

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